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I am so happy I bought the Boba Wrap! It is soft against my baby’s skin and makes her feel comfortable and secure. It is also great for a mommy like me who has back problems. Does not put any strain on my back at all! Even Daddy enjoys wearing it! The fabric is nice and stretchy to get the perfect fit and it is strong enough to keep baby safely and securely wrapped. The fact that it is machine-washable is a great plus. I had to watch the instruction video a few times but after two tries I got the hang of wrapping it. Now it’s very easy to tie. I think it would be a bit difficult to tie it in public as it is very long and the ends drag on the ground. I tie it before we go out. The only potential problem with the wrap is that it gets very hot after a while in hot weather. But it’s super snug in cold weather and at home where we have the AC running all the time! Overall a great, quality, yet affordable wrap. I would recommend it and buy it again! Thanks, Boba!

Candy The Baby Carrier

South Africa

I seriously could not be happier with this product. I absolutely love using this with my sweet angel. It makes me feel SO close to him and helps me bond with him so well. I get LOTS of compliments on this item and have recommended Boba to many friends and moms-to-be… Even men have expressed their curiosity and interest in what I have my baby in… One older gentleman at the store asked me for Bobas information so that he could get his grand daughters one… Again, this product has been great. I have to give Boba 5 stars, all the way around! Thanks BOBA 🙂


Purchased for my newborn who is not big enough for other carriers. He was 5lbs8oz at birth and this wrap works perfectly. He feels snug and secure, sleeps well and it leaves my hands free which allows me to continue about daily activities. We used it on a trip to Louisiana- so much better than a pram. It also made getting around the airport easy. If you loosen it up a bit baby can wiggle sideways and it makes breastfeeding easy. My only complaint is it gets sweaty/hot when it’s very warm out but not a surprise. I wore it on a cooler night and kept baby nice and warm without need for extra layers. It is long and if you wrap up outside the ends lay on the ground (I haven’t figured out how to not have this happen,) but I don’t mind the extra length. I’m 5’7″ 135lbs. Overall, I love it and am super glad I got one.



My baby and I are in love with this wrap! This is such an amazing product! It’s allowed myself and my husband to be hands free and active throughout the day while our little guy is right there with us. We’ve both used it since he was 3 weeks old around the house, on walks, on shopping trips etc. the fabric is so breathable and soft – yet at the same time it’s strong and durable. My baby is always so happy in the wrap and is just as content to sleep with his head tucked in as he is to sit up and pull his arms out and look around at the world. Nursing in the wrap is easier than I expected! Learning how to use the wrap properly only takes two or three attempts. Wherever I go with the wrap people are always complimenting me on it and asking about it. It’s worth every penny! This is a must have for all babies!!!


New York

My newborn has acid reflux so she has to be upright basically at all times or she spits up constantly. This being said I wasn’t able to get anything done around the house. Now I can carry her upright hands free!!! So amazing! I love that it’s light and my backs never hurts the wrap carries all the weight for me!!! I also love that when we are out and about I can Breast feed hands free and I’m completely covered!! I’ve only had my BOBA for 2 weeks but I really don’t know how I ever lived without it!!


Out of the 4 baby wraps/slings I own, Boba is by far my favorite! My 4 month old daughter loves it also. I love that it doesn’t have any hard plastic buckles. I was a little concerned about learning how to wrap it. It looked complicated. I watched a few “how to” videos before it arrived in the mail. The instruction booklet seemed to explain how to wrap it well. It was much easier than anticipated! I have spent a lot more money on other brands, but Boba is my favorite. If I had purchased the Boba first, I wouldn’t have needed to try any other brands.