Thousands of mummies around the world are using Haakaa breast pump and they are LOVING IT!

When To Use Your Haakaa Breast Pump

While your child is feeding on your other breast

Attach in the same way while your child is feeding on your other breast and collect all let down and milk which would other wise be lost into a breast pad.

If engorged during the day, attach your pump for relief

Waking up in the middle of the night for relief.

Use 2 Haakaa pumps to pump at the same time like an automatic breast pump

3 Simple Steps To Use Your Haakaa Breast Pump

1. Place top of pump over your nipple

2. Apply suction – you may need to adjust a couple of times.

3. Once milk begins to flow simply leave the pump alone to do its thing.

What Makes Haakaa Breast Pump Mummies’ BFF


Portable & Perfect For Traveling

Soft & Comfortable

It Doesn't Make Any Sound. You Can Pump Discretely Without People Knowing.

Easy To Use. No Million Parts To Assemble

Easy To Clean. No Million Parts To Clean

100% Food Grade Silicone

BPA, PVC and Phthalate Free

No Cords, Batteries or Assembly Required

Thousands of mummies around the world are using Haakaa breast pump and they are LOVING IT!

Here’s What Happy Haakaa Breast Pump Users Are Saying:

The first time I used it I expected to need a few goes to get it right, maybe it was luck but first go and we were away! I’m actually surprised at how easy it is! I can play with Talulah and pump at the same time, I can write an email and pump, answer the door to the courier and still be pumping… I can pretty much do anything!

It will pump from any angle – I tried it upside down, to the left and to the right and it worked perfectly! (Just to check haha)

It’s easy to use and a breeze to wash, I throw it in the dinner dishes pile and hubby washes it for me ? It collects milk quickly and pours easily into my Haakaa bottles (which are totally amazing and the perfect addition to the pump!)

The best part about this pump is the price!
And you know you are supporting a gorgeous local family who work so hard to bring safe products for Mummas and Bubbas worldwide. Honestly what will they do next?! I’m probably their number one fan haha!

– Claire Reichert, NZ

It’s small, lightweight and perfect to just throw in your diaper bag. And you can see the measurements on the side, so you can keep up with how much milk output you get.

I’ve been using the Haakaa on one side of my breast while Pierce nurses the other, to collect the milk that he’s not drinking. It’s super easy to use – squeeze, put on breast and release. That’s it! It suctions right there, and the continual suction encourages the milk to flow. When I first started using it, it took me a few times to reposition it. But now that I have the hang of it I get it on there correctly the first time. And it’s one size fits all so whether you are well endowed or have pancakes tits like me, it’ll work for ya! (Curse you, pancake tits. Guess that’s what happens after nursing two kiddos.)

The Haakaa is cute and discrete, too. So if you wanted to hook up this sucker under a nursing cover in public, no one would know.

The Haakaa is a great investment for all the purposes they serve. Overall I’m pretty impressed with this product!

– Amanda,, USA

Let me start by saying this pump is so compact! It fits into any handbag or baby bag with ease which is really important for those mamas who need to be away from baby and pump. Nobody wants to be lugging around a huge electric or hand pump with all the tubes and accoutrements that go with it. I decided to give the Haakaa a go after a rare night when both Leo and Isla had slept through. I suctioned it on to the opposite side whilst feeding Isla on the other and completely forgot it was even there.Within 5 mins I had 120mls in the bottle. In the past it would have taken me at least 30 mins to pump that amount and I would have been left with a vaguely numb boob in the process. This was effortless. No holding the pump in place, no hard plastic on your boob and a quick and easy result. The fact that is so quick is a real bonus for mums who don’t want to be pumping for hours.

Another HUGE plus that this pump has going for it is how easy it is to clean. No need to take apart various components like other pumps just simply wash in warm soapy water and steam sterilize as required.

All in all I am very impressed with this little pump and it seems from the popularity of it, that others would agree. If, and when I have another baby, I will definitely be investing in a second one for those early months of feeding.


A Few Squeeze Is All It Takes… Use it and BE AMAZED Now!

Thousands of mummies around the world are using Haakaa breast pump and they are LOVING IT!

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